CuteTennisChristmas 2021

For those of you new to our shop, WELCOME!!  

For the next 15 days, we will be offering a special tennis gift item each day.  Once you join our email list, you will receive an email each morning.  Or, if you'd rather, you can check back to the shop, look under the gift section and see each day's special.

Trying to put together this year's CuteTennisChristmas has been a little tricky, but thanks to some herculean efforts from our suppliers, I believe we've pulled together some awesome tennis gifts for you.  Please do read the gift descriptions carefully.  When quantities are limited - they truly are, and when an order deadline is given, it's real.  Carriers are struggling, and while we will do everything in our power to deliver for you, please understand that many things are just beyond our control at the moment.

Thanks for checking us out!!


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