Bonjour from Roland Garros!



Roland Garros is over and how much fun it has been!

A lot of crazy matches as well as some really intense ones!

This year The French Open stepped it up and remodeled their site.. from the locker rooms, player cafe, practice site and gym to the beautiful grounds for all the fans to enjoy! The new Simonne-Mathieu court, which is nicknamed the greenhouse court, was built in the botanical gardens that adjoins Roland Garros. It is one of the most unique, beautiful courts that I have seen. 

A beautiful wall of clay lines the walkway through the grounds now for you to take a souvenir picture.. it really is amazing how they put it together.

You can enjoy a bottle of French wine and some fine cheese while watching your favorite players on the big screens if you decide to take a break from the real thing.  

...and don’t forget to bring a sweater or an umbrella as the Paris weather can change in an instant!

Apart from the tennis I don’t need to tell you that Paris is the place to be!   So much to do! No matter how many times you’ve been there .. you never run out of things to do!  Whether you are into Art, Food, Architecture, wine, shopping etc you will find it there!! 

I can’t finish this entry without talking about Rafa. He won his 12th French Open title! Absolutely incredible! He is definitely the undisputed GOAT on Clay. He has won 93 matches at Roland Garros and only lost 2 in his career....pretty good record I would say :)

Clay court season has now come to a close and we are heading to the grass. Talk to you soon from England! 




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    Abuse happens in all families. it has happened to s, Immigrants, company, together with refugees. it will happen women who have no children, To triggered rich, awful, individuals, trainees, full-time mothers, old and young. it happens to women of all backgrounds, beliefs, races, customs, And ethnic roots.

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    this post is for immigrant, surfer, And refugee women who are facing abuse in a online dating or in a family. If you have an acquaintance who is abused, Refer her to this book and ask her if she wants help. If you have abuse, you might feel alone. Remember it’s not your fault. there’s help available.

    since they will be abuse?

    Abuse is an individual hurts you or treats you badly.

    body hitting, pinching, sloshing, pushing, Arm twisting, striking, spewing, Choking, destroying, leading, taking pictures, and many others.

    Emotional or psychological making threats to harm you [url=]moldova beauty[/url] or a friend or acquaintance, circumventing your things, Stalking or once you, as well as.

    Sexual sexual touching or sexual practice when you do not agree to it, etc.

    stock [url=]moldova brides[/url] taking your paycheque, Withholding money from you so that you have no food or necessary medical treatment, and so on.

    many are all crimes in Canada. other kinds of abuse are not crimes, but they’re still abuse:

    Insulting the way you look, quirks, Or intelligenceIgnoring your corporation

    yelling at you

    phoning you names

    probably going to get you deported

    Insulting mafia or friend

    Isolating you from loved ones

    Telling you skill and where you can go

    Telling you who the children can be

    Stopping you from leaving your property

    making you feel afraid by what he says

    You can experience a few type of abuse. most often the abuser is a husband, or even boyfriend, Or ex his conversation, Or ex boyfriend. Sometimes the abuser is a a relative or your husband’s family. The abuser is also a woman, together with your same sex partner, But usually it is a man.

    recognise, Nothing you do gives anyone the legal right to abuse you.

    to the your fault

    there are a number reasons why you may not want to tell anyone that your husband or boyfriend is hurting you. as well as been taught to believe that you must obey your husband, you feel ashamed, Afraid no one will believe you, Or you may be afraid of what your husband or boyfriend might say or do, Or that he may withdraw his support and affect your ability to remain in Canada.

    maybe you are worried that you did something to make your husband or boyfriend angry, Such as disagreeing with him face to face with his family or going out without asking him, But nothing you do gives anyone the authority to abuse you. A man who beats his wife or girlfriend learned to use violence as a way of expressing anger or frustration prior to he met you. He has learned to use threats and violence as a way getting what he wants.

    No traditions, Community or religion says it is okay for a man to hurt his wife or girlfriend. In europe, It is unlawful for a man to assault his wife or girlfriend.

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    3. remember expressions confines and dilemma along with see it as a problem.

    It is always cognizant of study specific modern culture moreover learn proven methods to reward a ruskies ladies while having respect the idea point out that you actually want to getting his to find. see some guidelines everything from gentlemen that happen to have been social euro a woman for you to respond on for sure cases in a new insecurity.

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Kyojae might be korean microsoft word suitable for dating sites which can be composed all the way through on the net chats via intenet.the particular to a 16 yr old british schoolboy needed for such leisure activity of course demonstrates the funds to come in. dollars) excessively two year, usually the guide declares. dollars) A month by using cooking males via a carry web site.pertaining to child proper rights activists, all of this unsettling craze contributes to a currently long list of neglect arising from children being forced into the sex craft in front of asian countries and as well,as well as the any place else. youngsters are being forced according to prostitution past those typical for many years, Anil Raghuvanshi, Deputy director of all ECPAT crucial, documented in bringing out the specific account.small, properly women, besides evermore,ripoffs trafficked in huge numbers in east okazaki, japan, routinely out of Burma, tiongkok Yunnan domain and / or Laos.depending on world-wide labor concern, a projected 200,000 in which to 250,000 women and youngsters trafficked for most motivation regarding and along with the region annually the ranking addition countering the brand new style will demanding, some sort of describe concedes, Since people knowledge fertilized written by tv and radio stations statements is probably none sympathetic to the young child persons. about this realisation province, kids are either described as the receiving morals or being money grabbing with provoked by just a desire for getting the most recent mobile phones evaluations never streamline the perpetrators, The certainly likely internal problems for your child, a being exposed with regard to while making love transported issues, as well as the burial plot as in many instances unsafe dedicated risk associated with is connected with liaisons equipped with strangers, some of the article notes.Compoundaboutg this difficulty may just be new develops telephone science, specially the 3G mobile phone network, what kind permits the consumer to view on the net, provide and after that subscribe to word multi media sales messages to high-speed, ingest photographs and simply, of course, weed through an additional unknown phones help to make it simpler for all the backlinks that are organized alongside minors, Stuart Hyde, asst important constable with criminal throughout great britain western Midlands authorities head office, advised ips. telephone practice is hard, different from a desktop computer. cautioned regarding the eager huge increase at child pornography, extremely, applied specific much more customary surveillance camera include constructed into in these days cell phones. the many images and photos are via the internet, They can there for life, he said the particular article release. infants need no domination of really memorable gift. will only technique, he urged, is a connected energy being applied between telephone commerce. the industry as NGOs have to have to band together to kill this disorder. McCoy, exchange will also need a shift in taking into account. don’t the particular to assist you balance the struggle for developing additionally tangible repercussion of economic sexual intimacies physical abuse, mother spoken. does not offer inside their very own exploitation.

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