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Memories of the Barcelona Open


Hello there,

Hope all of you are doing fantastic! 

 I’m home in Houston and just made one of my favorite meals yet! But before I get into that just wanted to share a little bit about the European tournaments. I would usually be there by now but instead we are home and heading there in a couple of weeks! Definitely not complaining...isn’t it funny how we all are? When you’re at home you wish you could travel more yet when you travel 30+ weeks a year being home is a luxury!

One of our readers suggested time to write about the European tournaments...this week Barcelona is going on...That clay is like powder!  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you guys that since I’m sure you all are Clay experts! Not me!😂

Barcelona for sure has some of the best restaurants! Tapas and Vino are my thing and luckily for me they were everywhere and so, so good! 

(Fun fact— I managed to gain 10 lbs in two weeks while there once! 😂)

Favorite spot:  PACO MERALGO! 

The montaditos, clams , langostinos al ajillo .. you name it! 

Oh and that red wine!! Ahhh!!  Oh! Wait! And the tennis was also good! ;)

The Real Club de Tennis Barcelona where the tournament is held has a lot of history dating back to 1899! Their stadium court is named after one of my favorite players and friend, Rafael Nadal. Another thing I loved about Barcelona was the different architecture of the buildings and Las Ramblas, a beautiful pedestrian tree lined street in the heart of the city! Ohh! And I almost forgot.. the first time I went to the Ramblas, I looked up at the buildings and saw the biggest marquee of Fernando Verdasco in his Calvin Klein’s 🤭 haha! You definitely knew you were in Spain! Have a great week, spring has officially arrived in Houston .. Our Jasmine is  blooming and smelling beautifully!

Have a great rest of the week!! 



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  • Elle McCann