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Welcome to Lilly's Tennis Travels!


The thing I most love about my "job" is the people that I meet.  I have the world's best customers.  One of my favorite customers turned tennis friend is Lilly Russell (and her awesome husband Michael). 

I've had the privilege of knowing the Russell's for several years now and look forward to seeing them when working the booth along the pro tennis tour.  Lilly and I have been known to enjoy a glass of wine and swap tennis tales when we have a chance to get together.  She tells the best stories!  And given that she has traveled with Michael for much of his career while playing on the ATP tour and continues to do so now during his USTA coaching... Lilly has many tales to tell!  On the rare occasion that she's home, Lilly also loves to cook.  I'm hoping that we may even be able to convince her to share some recipes.... because girls... this lady can cook!

I hope that you will enjoy Lilly's Tennis Travels as much as I have over the years.  Please feel free to comment, contribute and ask questions!


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