Tennis Captain's Prayer Towel

Tennis Captain's Prayer Towel

Cheers My Tennis Partner

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Cheers My Tennis Partner tennis towel! A perfect way to say "thanks for a great season" to the one that always has your back! Microfiber tennis towel measures 15"x20" and is machine washable.  Corner grommet and caribiner to attach to bag or fence.

Tennis Partner’s Toast

Cheers to you, my partner

For taking court with me.

On sunny days, through rain delays

And all adversity.


Cheers to you, my partner

For standing by my side

Through double faults you didn’t vault

You always knew I tried.


Cheers to you, my partner

It's good to know you're there.

You've got my back and take up slack

Through all those matches shared.


I'll be your friend, until the end...

Both on and off the court.

For friends like you are far and few,

To you and our great sport!



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